The Buffer Full Probability Analysis and Reduction for E-mail Servers

Y.-W. Bai and C.-J. Cheng (Taiwan)


Buffer Full Probability, E-mail Server, Distribution System, Queueing Model.


Due to the increasing size of files attached to e-mails, the buffer full probability of an e-mail server can increase substantially. Thus, in this paper, we propose a queueing model both to analyze and simulate the buffer full probability of e-mail servers. Both methods show that when the average data arrival rate is increased, the buffer full probability of an e-mail server is increased. Therefore, in addition to an increase of the buffer size, we also propose a couple of strategies to reduce the buffer full probability. These strategies include (1) doubling CPU speed, (2) installing dual CPUs, (3) using a suitable distribution system and, (4) using an express lane with two separated queues. Overall, from our analysis and the simulation results of the proposed strategies with higher service rates, our result was an improvement in the buffer full probability with a reduction of 3%, 7%, 14% and 17% corresponding to the proposed strategies at a typical utilization rate of =0.65.

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