Load Sharing in Stream Control Transmission Protocol

A.A. El Al, T. Saadawi, and M. Lee (USA)


Stream Control Transmission Protocol, Load Sharing, Multi-homing


Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) specifications utilize the possible multiple paths between the sender and receiver for retransmission of lost data chunks and as a backup for the primary path, in case of primary path failure. Other than that, all the data chunks are being sent on the primary path chosen by the SCTP user during the transport connection initiation. In this paper, we extend the SCTP to utilize the available paths for simultaneous transmission of data chunks, while maintaining the SCTP congestion control on each path, so as to ensure fair integration with other traffic in the network. The extended SCTP, which we call Load Sharing SCTP (LS-SCTP), is able to aggregate the bandwidth of all the active transmission paths between the communicating endpoints. Simulation results show that LS-SCTP is extremely beneficial for networks with limited bandwidth, high error rate such as wireless networks.

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