Predictive Call Admission Control Schemes for Adaptive Multimedia Service in Wireless Mobile Networks

J. Martyna (Poland)


Call Admission Control, bandwidth reservation, wirelessmobile networks, mobility prediction


Call Admission Control (CAC) scheme is a key compo nent for Quality of Service (QoS) delivery in multime dia wireless networks. We recall that degradation of QoS parameters or termination of connection may be caused by insufficient resources such as a free bandwidth. By assumption that future mobile terminals (MTs) will be equipped with accurate positioning capability, we propose new CAC schemes with mobility prediction for multime dia traffic. The new QoS parameters, such as the Move ment Change Ratio, the Moving Average Bandwidth, the Bandwidth Band, the Reserved Bandwidth in the Neigh bouring Cells and the Possessed Bandwidth in the Neigh bouring Cells are derived, allowing for the tuning of the CAC schemes to the dynamic resource reservation and movement prediction. Simulation results are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the given solution.

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