Design of a Registration Server for the NetTraveler Middleware System

J.F. Enseñat-Acevedo, M. Hernández-Cajigas, and M. Rodríguez-Martínez (Puerto Rico)


Database Middleware, Web Services, InternetArchitectures, NetTraveler.


In recent years, mobile devices (e.g. cell phones, PDAs, and notebooks) have had a high increase in their networking, computational and storage power. The mobile nature of these devices causes a new set of problems not seen in conventional wired networks. Mobile devices can go off-line, experience network outages, have batteries with limited power-life, and require energy efficient components. As users start to move their application to these devices, it becomes to have a middleware infrastructure that can integrate the different data held by mobiles users. Unfortunately, existing middleware technologies are ill-equipped to overcome these new set of problems since they are designed for application that reside in workstations and mainframes. To address these issues, we are developing NetTraveler, a database middleware system to integrate mobile devices reliably in a computer network. In this paper, we present the Registration Server for NetTraveler. Registration Servers are directory managers, located at cooperative local execution environments (e.g. LANs) that work together to keep track of moving data sources and route query request as appropriate. Registration Servers are implemented as Java Web Services. We describe the architecture of the Registration Server, define its tasks, operational modes, and discuss the current state of our prototype.

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