New Mechanisms for PMTU Discovery and Detection using Hop-by-hop Option Header in IPv6

H.G. Lee, P.S. Kim, S.H. Park, and Y.K. Kim (Korea)


IPv6; PMTU Discovery; PMTU Detection.


In this paper, new mechanisms are proposed for Path Max imum Transmission Unit (PMTU) discovery and detection in IPv6. To discover and detect the actual PMTU of a path, a new Hop-by-Hop Option header is defined newly. A source node measures its actual PMTU by sending the IP packet with the newly defined Hop-by-Hop Option header to the destination node with the first data packet when node is beginning. This can eliminate the chance of occurrence of several iterations of the somewhat complex discovery cy cle which was unavoidable in the existing mechanism. In addition, in order to avoid spoofing or attacking with incor rect response, this paper proposes a secure PMTU mecha nism.

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