Implementation Techniques of Boolean Logic Operators in 3D Model Search Systems

M.T. Suzuki, Y. Yaginuma, and Y.Y. Sugimoto (Japan)


Boolean Logic Operators, 3D Models, Similarity Retrieval, Search Engines,


Recently, a large number of 3D models are used on various Internet web sites. Similarity searches are a very important technique to find similar shaped 3D models from such web sites. Such techniques have been researched extensively and many experimental systems have been implemented based on the research. Although, various shape descriptors are proposed for higher performance, none of the systems allow users to using Boolean logic operators for sophisticated similarity searches. The use of the Boolean logic operators "AND", "OR" and "NOT" greatly helps users to define search criteria and control the search logic. This paper describes how Boolean logic operators can be implemented in 3D model search systems. Since Boolean logic operators are applied to similarity distance computation, this technique can be easily implemented on many existing search systems.

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