Web-aided Control Studies

A. Moreira, A. Mota, C.P. Leão, P. Pimenta, and F.O. Soares (Portugal)


Web and Internet Tools and Applications, Distance Learning, Java Technology and Applications, Process Control.


This paper presents a web-assisted package for control studies. It is general-purpose software written in Java and Flash. It simulates different real systems, electrical, hydraulic, thermal or mechanical, running in open and closed loop modes. Process and control parameters can be changed during simulation runs. Classical control algorithms are implemented. The simulation runs in time domain using integration methods for solving ordinary differential equations. The user can call specific helping routines with theoretical background on the subject being studied. Also, Matlab based programs, called PID toolkit, can be downloaded from the Internet for exampled simulation runs. Adaptive control techniques and fuzzy laws are to be implemented in the near future.

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