Real-time Search System for Streaming Live Video on the Internet

Y. Kawai, R. Furukawa, and R. Kadobayashi (Japan)


Streaming Live Video, Information Retrieval, Image Re trieval, Implementation


Technology that will assist novice users who have little knowledge about the content of streaming live video is be coming increasingly important. One of the most popular methods of supporting novice users is a content delivery scheme that synchronizes with streaming live video con tent. However, content in synchronization with streaming video will not always fit the user's level of knowledge be cause the entries are a fixed set of web archives on content. In this paper, we proposed a real-time dynamic content de livery system that can provide all users with more detailed information on events. The proposed system offers infor mation about each object included in a video frame as well as synchronized content. Several experiments that we did on the prototype system proved the efficiency and usability of the system we propose.

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