FolkMusic: A Mobile Peer-to-Peer Application Designed to Educate Children

M. Wiberg (Sweden)


Ad-hoc, Entertainment, Edutainment, Mobile, Music, Streaming media


: In this paper we present FolkMusic, a mobile peer-to peer application designed to as an educational tool to learn children the basic elements of set theory while they are entertaining themselves with music (i.e. edutainment). The work reported here builds on the current trends towards edutainment software, increase in use of peer-to peer technologies (e.g. Napster for distributing and sharing entertainment), and the current trend towards mobile and ad-hoc computing solutions. The paper presents the background for this ongoing project and an architecture designed to support mobile and ad hoc exploration and experience of the music that is currently "in the air" of a community through a Wenn-diagram inspired interface. We then reports some initial use observations, relates it to other research efforts near, outlines future work and conclude the paper.

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