Communication Between a Multichannel Audio Acquisition and an Information System in a Health Smart Home for Data Fusion

D. Istrate, G. Virone, M. Vacher (France), E. Castelli (Vietnam), and J.-F. Serignat (France)


CAN network, smart sensors, audio processing, audio recognition, health monitoring, home automation.


The Health Integrated Smart Home Information System (HIS) has been developed in the TIMC laboratory for the remote monitoring of the health status of an elderly person during daily life at home. This aims at improving patients' life conditions and at reducing the costs of the long hospitalization. The design of this system is based on a CAN network linked to volumetric, physiological and environment sensors. In addition, a collaboration between the TIMC and the CLIPS laboratories permitted to replace the video camera, not well accepted by the patients by a system based on a multichannel Sound Acquisition. The coupling between both systems will enable to detect if the person is in a situation of distress or not. Both systems locally processe in real time the incoming data and communicate using a CAN network to display the health status. This article describes the system architecture of both systems, practical solutions for their communication and the evaluation results.

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