Localized QoS Management for Wireless Access Networks

J. Manner and K. Raatikainen (Finland)


QoS, Wireless, Mobile, RSVP, local management


Guaranteed QoS for multimedia applications requires support from the connecting network and the communicating parties. However, in many communications through the Internet, the backbones offer only best-effort service but are usually over-provisioned and, thus provide sufficient quality. The problems are often in the access networks that may become the bottleneck, especially when they have wireless links. Moreover, current content servers do not support QoS signaling. It would be useful if end hosts could reserve at least local resources at the access network, especially wireless link resources. Additionally, for mobile nodes the continuity of QoS is enhanced if resource signaling can be localized and coupled with mobility management. This paper presents a simple enhancement to RSVP, which allows initial resource reservations and re-reservations due to host mobility to be done locally in an access network.

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