A Pricing and Resource Negotiation Scheme for QoS Provisioning in Pervasive Computing Environments

W. Lee, E. Kim, and D. Kim (Korea)


: Pricing, Quality of Service, Resource Negotiation, Economic Framework, Pevasive Computing.


In this paper we present a QoS-based welfare economic resource management model, which models the actual price-formation pro cess of an economy. This approach handles resource and QoS allocation optimally so that the total utility of the system is max imized through a tatonnement process, in which operating mar kets for each resource is done separately. We use the constructs of application benefit functions and resource demand functions to represent the system configuration and to solve the resource al location problems. Empirical studies are conducted to evaluate the performance of our proposed pricing model and to compare it with other approaches such as priority (class)-based scheme and greedy method.

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