MASA - A Scalable QoS Framework

C. Niedermeier, R. Schmid, C. Fan, D. Carlson, A. Schrader, A. Kassler, and A. Schorr (Germany)


Broker, Mobility, QoS, Resource Management


This paper presents the MASA Quality of Service (QoS) archi tecture. MASA stands for Mobility and Service Adaptation in Heterogeneous Mobile Networks and consists of a distributed set of autonomous entities (QoS Brokers), whose interactions sup port end-to-end QoS for quality-aware, multi-media applications in a mobile, heterogeneous, multi-domain, multi-operator envi ronment. We introduce our architectural design of the MASA concept on end-systems, access- and core network nodes, as well as special service nodes, like transcoders. We outline the hierar chical structure of the MASA QoS Broker with supporting QoS management subsystems. With the integration of QoS technol ogy management and business support, MASA offers powerful new means for enhancing providers business opportunities while at the same time provides for transparent adaptive media support.

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