A Taxonomy of QoS Parameters and Applications for Multimedia Communications

M. Georgievski and N. Sharda (Australia)


Quality of Service, QoS, MultimediaCommunications, QoS Perspectives, QoS Parameters,QoS Profiles, Multimedia Applications, QoS Taxonomy,and QoS Classification.


In this paper, we expatiate the previously introduced Three Layer QoS (TRAQS) model by providing a formal description and a systematic architecture for classifying QoS parameters and applications for multimedia communications. We endeavour to cater for the lack of formal description for QoS parameters and applications by introducing a taxonomy that enables us to group parameters into classifications (taxa) and thus provide a definition for each taxa and parameters. In doing this, we formulate various taxonomies and models, such as the QoS Parameter Taxonomy, the Application Taxonomy, the Quality Cost & Temporal Triangle, the Application Classification Model, and the Application Profile Model. These taxonomies and models provide a theoretical foundation for further development of the holistic QoS model: TRAQS.

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