Call Filtering and Tracking in IP Telephony

F. Cao, B. Ha, R. Padmanabhan, A. Yuan, and K. Tran (USA)


IP Telephony, Voice Over IP (VoIP), Call filtering, Call tracking


IP Telephony has been adopted to replace the traditional circuit switch infrastructure for telephony services. In order to provide differentiated service, better network management, flexible call monitoring, and convenient trouble shooting for VoIP calls, we have to rely on the solutions on how to filter and track VoIP calls across IP Telephony infrastructure. In this study, we show how to resolve this issue in two parts. First, we demonstrate how to identify the desired VoIP calls in real-time on VoIP devices. Call Unique IDentifier (CUID) was used to help to identify the call and track the call across multiple modules within the VoIP devices. In the second part of this paper, we propose two approaches to tracking end-to-end VoIP calls. We analyze how to embed tracking information inside the existing VoIP protocols such as SIP and H.323. On the other hand, we propose a new protocol, IP Telephony Tracking Protocol (IPTT), for tracking the desired VoIP calls across IP Telephony infrastructure. It is scalable in different environments and could be one of missing pieces in evolving IP Telephony infrastructure.

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