New Epistemologically Oriented Educational Multimedia Design in the Context of the Visual Thinking Capabilities of the Shape Understanding System

M. Les and Z. Les (Australia)


educational multimedia software, shape understanding system, visual inference, visual thinking


. In the new age of the information technology there is a need to find new methods of educational multimedia design. In multimedia software, where visualization plays a key role, there is a need to pay more attention to the development of the visual thinking capabilities of the students. Learning abilities are part of the cognitive capabilities of the student and good knowledge of the processes connected with learning is needed to design `good' educational multimedia. Building the visual system that is able to perform visual reasoning and visual inference provides the knowledge about learning of visual information. In this paper the system of shape understanding (SUS) that offers the capabilities to perform visual tasks that are part of many educational exercises, is presented. The results of the research should change the way in which many multimedia systems are designed.

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