An Agent-mediated Approach to eLearning

R. Anane, K.-M. Chao, R.J. Hendley, and M. Younas (UK)


eLearning, agent technology, metadata


The confluence of new technologies and the increasing adoption of standards are pushing eLearning to the forefront of web-based initiatives. Agent technology is seen as a critical factor in knowledge acquisition in semantically rich environments, as exemplified by the Semantic Web. In addition the development and delivery of learning content is facilitated by the adoption of eLearning standards. In this paper we consider an eLearning framework where the learning process is mediated by software agents and supported by a knowledge base on learner profiles and skill maps. The roles of the agents are closely associated with the different stages of the learning process. The proposed approach is put into perspective through a brief discussion of some of the challenges that eLearning development is facing.

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