Goal Oriented Assistance for Extended Multimedia Systems and Dynamic Technical Infrastructures

T. Heider (Germany)


Disributed Multimedia Systems, Intelligent Environments, AI Planning, Ontologies, Collaborative Systems and Ap plications


Present-day technical infrastructures and appliances pro vide aplenty of opportunities for simplifying and support ing the everyday life. However, many of the systems avail able today - such as typical feature loaded multimedia or infotainment systems - are not always efficiently usable for the average person. This paper presents a planning-based approach to helping the user to control such complex infrastructures. It describes the architectural concept, which makes it possi ble to integrate classical Artificial Intelligence technology - such as planning and scheduling - into the domain of net worked consumer appliances, like multimedia systems and room control. Especially, we concentrate on the architec tural concepts, which allows us to create systems that can be extended dynamically and that are not build by a single vendor.

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