A Distributed Mobile Multimedia Operating System

R. Gonzalez (Australia)


Streaming, Multimedia, Architecture, Mobile,Distributed, Operating System,


Mobile devices suffer many limitations that make developing and executing interactive multimedia applications challenging. This paper describes a distributed mobile multimedia operating system that provides total application scalability and portability across many different handsets by distributing key processing and resource management tasks to servers. The system has built-in support for multimedia data, providing synchronisation services and capability based media transcoding and it automatically handles dynamic and continuous data sources. Unlike classical compile link-execute operating models of many systems, this one utilises a just-in-time incremental compiler and a streaming linker in conjunction with a thin, object oriented virtual machine. The client virtual machine negotiates its capabilities with the server that correspondingly customises and incrementally compiles multimedia applications during run-time, while automatically updating live data resources in the application and streaming continuous multimedia data.

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