Supervised Media Processing with Real-time Priority

B. Reuther and M. Hillenbrand (Germany)


Operating System Support for Multimedia, MultimediaPerformance and Management, Scheduling


Today multimedia applications are commonly used on desktop computers. Along with this, processing of audio, video and other continuous media has become a common task for desktop systems. Delay-sensitive applications like telephony could benefit from a support of their real-time requirements. But this is supported sparsely only by current desktop systems, even though several solutions for the support of applications with real-time requirements have already been introduced. Usually those solutions modify the behavior of the system task scheduler which requires the modification of typical desktop operating systems or lead to remarkable overhead. The solution presented here controls the behavior of multimedia applications and assigns very high priorities to multimedia applications which don't cause an extreme slowing down of the system or a loss of the interactive capabilities. This is done without modification of the operating systems or the application and only produces very few overhead. Examples show that even video decoding can be run safely in high priority.

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