IPC: An Inter-pixel Coding Algorithm for Server-based Computing

F. Li and Q. Li (USA)


Server-based Computing, Inter-Pixel, Remote Display Protocol


Server-based computing (SBC) model is becoming an in creasingly popular approach to deliver computational ser vices across the network due to its reduced administra tive costs and better resource utilization. All computa tions are carried out by the server and screen updates are sent to be displayed by the clients. While the remote dis play protocol (RDP) allows graphical displays to be served across a network to a client device, it nevertheless requires large amount of bandwidth. Even with broadband net work access, existing SBC solutions do not perform well in scalability and real-time requirements [7]. In this pa per, we propose our scalable, inter-pixel coding algorithm, IPC. IPC favors bandwidth-critical applications, and pack ets received with increased bandwidth available progres sively improve visual quality. Experimental results demon strates that there is negligible overhead for both servers and clients. Combined with network protocol and coding switch method, IPC achieves the best tradeoff while offer ing adaptive transmission of remote display pixels.

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