Comparison of Frameworks and Tools for Test-driven Development

M. Pančur, M. Ciglarič, M. Trampuš, and T. Vidmar (Slovenia)


Unittesting Frameworks and Extensions, TestDriven Development (TDD), Software Tools, Agile Methods


Test-Driven Development (TDD) is one of the core practices in increasingly popular agile software development methodologies (e.g. Extreme Programming XP). In TDD, automated tests are the driving force in development and they are always written prior to the code they test. Since tests are so important, their execution must be automated and run as often as possible. In this paper, we discuss and compare different frameworks, framework extensions and tools for TDD on the rival platforms: Sun's Java and Microsoft's .NET. We look at the current Open Source and commercial integrated development environments (IDEs) for both platforms and evaluate their readiness for TDD style development. We provide recommendations and links to resources for tools and unit-testing frameworks that worked best for us, were stable and relatively bug free.

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