Technology Transfer Behavior in Cooperative Research Centers

H.Z. Daniel (USA)


Technology Transfer Cooperative Research


Rogers [1] clearly identifies diffusion of technology as a process of communication. The Thompson [2] and Eveland [3] definition of technology as information and technology transfer as the communication of that information is now widely accepted. In order to enhance transfer of technology from the academic researchers to industry for application, the National Science Foundation has developed programs of research centers within which industry and university academics meet for the kind of two-way communication that Rogers describes. NSF management recognized that open communication within the confines of the research center was not by itself sufficient to encourage rapid application of the novel technology developed in their centers by industry. Rapid application also required the representatives of the center's sponsor firms to communicate technological information within their organizations. This paper proposes an explanation of how such communication can be influenced by the delivery of key benefits at different times in the maturation of the relationship between industry and academic research center.

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