Improving the Performance of TCP/IP Over Wireless ATM Network

F.J. Ogwu (Botswana) and G.A. Aderounmu (Nigeria)


TCP/IP, ATM, AAL, CMAR, cell service rate,cell loss probability, packet size1.0


This paper investigates the most important packet discarding schemes that have been designed for best-effort traffic in wireless ATM and IP networks, and performs modeling and simulation work based on Early Packet Discarding using a Fair Buffer Allocation schemes on different traffic environments, including a mix of packets sizes, buffers sizes, diverse types of data and traffic flow models with the aim of establishing a framework for enhancing the performance of these schemes to improve the overall throughput of TCP/IP as a transport mechanism over wireless ATM networks. The simulation is carried out using MATLAB Simulink software. The simulation results show that a high effective throughput was obtained which is above 50% as compared with existing scheme which is lesser. The proposed scheme improves the effective throughput performance by reducing cell loss to a minimal level.

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