OFDM Frequency Offset Estimation using Root-music Algorithm

K.K. Chai (UK), S.A. Jimaa (UAE), T. Alukaidey, and B. Sharif (UK)


Root-MUSIC, Multimedia Mobile Communication,OFDM, 60GHz


The demand of the growing number of customers and data rate will push the future mobile communication frequency band into parts of the millimetre wave band, especially the 60 GHz band. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) modulation is of particular interest in future multimedia mobile communication. This is because of its high bandwidth efficiency resulting from the use of orthogonal waveforms with overlapping spectra. The performance of the OFDM system is highly dependent upon the frequency-offset algorithm. In this paper, we present a new study on blind frequency and noise offset estimation based on the Root-MUSIC algorithm, which is associated with OFDM systems.

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