Digital Feedforward Sampling Frequency Synchronization based on New Timing Error Detection for OFDM Systems

E. Oswald (Germany)


OFDM, sampling, synchronization, timing


Because OFDM offers a lot of favorable properties, it can be assumed that OFDM will be also of great importance for future transmission systems. The efficiency of this transmission technique depends largely on the receiver synchronization. To exploit the advantages of digital signal processing, it is essential to find numerically based solutions. In this paper a new digital approach for the correction of a sampling frequency deviation between transmitter and receiver is presented. Compared to known feedback synchronizers, an advantageous method based on feedforward processing will be used. The emphasis is placed on timing error detection. Occurring sampling frequency deviations are derived directly from the time domain samples. Based on this information, known interpolation techniques can be used for the timing error correction. The presented solution provides a lot of advantages and can be used for WLAN scenarios, e.g. described by the physical layer specifications of IEEE802.11a or Hiperlan/2.

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