Analysis of Optical Packet Switching Performance with Spatial Contention Resolution for Optical Access Networks

L.H. Bonani, M. Tosi Furtado, E. Moschim, and F. Rudge Barbosa (Brazil)


-- Optical communications systems, fiberoptic communications, applications, packet switching,deflection routing, modeling and simulation.


-- In this work, we investigate the contribution of optical packet switching technology in optical access networks under the assumption of spatial contention resolution (deflection routing). Traffic analysis in a mesh network topology with a 22 configuration was undertaken using a new module developed for the Network Simulator (NS). Our approach enabled the study of deflection routing and contention resolution in the well-known Manhattan Street (MS) network topology, assuming 16 optical switching nodes, including either temporal or spatial contention resolution methods. The results show that the deflection routing algorithm is very robust for the use in photonic packet switching networks, providing low packet losses when the optical network is submitted to a low network load. Besides, the average packets delay and the average number of hops were also analyzed to provide additional information for evaluating the network performance in the context of QoS.

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