Code Acquisition with Search/Lock Strategy in Optical Orthogonal CDMA Systems

A.T. Pham and H. Yashima (Japan)


Code acquisition, Search/Lock strategy, Optical CDMA,Optical orthogonal code


Code acquisition is one of two stages in code synchro nization of the optical CDMA systems, by which coarse alignment within one chip code delay is attained. Several kinds of detectors, classified depending on their integra tion feature, could be used for the acquisition system. This paper proposes the code acquisition system with multiple dwell detector using search/lock strategy as verification al gorithm for optical CDMA systems. A finite Markov chain is utilized to model the search/lock strategy to theoretically evaluate the performance of the proposed code acquisition system. The effect of some system parameters to perfor mance of code acquisition system with multiple dwell de tector for optical CDMA systems is considered. The paper also demonstrates notable improvements of the proposed scheme over single dwell one in terms of expected acquisi tion time.

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