An Improvement in a Simple Adaptive Error Control Scheme for Wireless ATM Networks

J.M.C. Brito and I.S. Bonatti (Brazil)


Wireless ATM, error control, adaptive hybrid schemes.


ATM networks are designed considering an optical link in the physical layer. The main problem to implement a wireless ATM network is the high and variable bit error rate in the radio link, making it necessary to use an additional error control mechanism. The traditional techniques for error control are ARQ (Automatic Repeat Request) and FEC (Forward Error Correction). The ARQ technique works better than FEC, if the bit error rate in the channel is low, and worse, if the bit error rate is high, indicating that hybrid ARQ-FEC techniques can improve the performance. In this paper we propose a new hybrid ARQ-FEC scheme that is an improvement in a scheme presented previously. We compare the performance between both systems and we show that the new system works better than the previous one in the whole range of bit error rate considered. We also compare the performance of the new hybrid scheme with an ideal adaptive FEC scheme, and conclude that the performance of both systems are similar, with our proposed scheme having a smaller complexity.

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