"One for All": A New Perspective for Modeling and Updating Location Information in Moving Objects Databases

O. Karam, A. El Nahas, A. Hamad, and I. Ramzy (Egypt)


Moving Objects Databases (MOD), LocationManagement, Location update Policies, Clustering, GroupMobility Patterns, Wireless Networks.


Powered by the revolutionary development in Wireless Communications, Moving Objects Databases (MOD) have emerged as a key enabler to a wide range of location based services that are of growing interest in both military and civilian applications. This Paper addresses two main challenges in Moving Objects Databases: location Modeling and Location Update Policies. It presents a framework for optimizing the tradeoff between uncertainty/imprecision and communication bandwidth utilization. The proposed framework aims at exploiting different mobility groups, and utilizing it to enhance the individual moving object's behavior. Simulation results have proven that the proposed model has managed to improve the bandwidth utilization significantly while maintaining an acceptable location uncertainty/imprecision. The model is most suited to military applications where objects tend to move in stable well-defined clusters/groups, which escalates the framework's performance to its utmost benefit.

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