Mobile IPv6 Support for Highly Mobile Hosts

S. Zeadally and N. Deepak Mavatoor (USA)


Mobile IP, Mobile IPv6, Operating System, Performance,Protocol.


Mobile computing has become an important area of computer networking and is expected to play a fundamental role in the ubiquitous access of Internet resources in the future. In recent years, we have seen increasing demand from end-users to access network resources from anywhere and at anytime from all kinds of devices. In addition, mobility of end-users is placing further requirements on network systems and protocols to provide uninterrupted services. Mobile network protocol such as Mobile IP has emerged as one of the promising solutions capable of providing uninterrupted connectivity. We investigate the impact of mobility on the performance of transport protocols such as TCP and UDP over Mobile IPv4 and Mobile IPv6 for different speeds. We report performance results for metrics such as throughput, packet loss, and handoff delays and highlight the performance benefits of Mobile IPv6 over Mobile IPv4 for highly mobile hosts.

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