A Review on Cellular Location Methods Targeting Location based Services

T.S. Stamoulakatos and E.D. Sykas (Greece)


Location Based Services, GSM, GPRS,UMTS.


: The recent progress that took place in mobile location technologies enabled the wide provision of location based mobile services to the users. Location Based Services (LBS) is a new class of cellular services that is able to support beneficially the end-user applications covering every aspect of its activity. In this paper cellular location methods are extensively investigated in terms of network support, accuracy levels of Mobile Station (MS) position estimation, network implementation cost, additional network signaling, processing requirements and software changes in order to support the proposed each time method. Several hybrid location techniques are also presented that combine cellular methods offering most of the times better accuracy levels, and coverage in any environment. Greater processing requirements and increased network costs are usually drawbacks of hybrid systems.

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