SOAP Optimization via Parameterized Client-side Caching

K. Devaram and D. Andresen (USA)


SOAP, XML, Network Optimization, Web Computing.


The Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is an emerging technology in the field of web services. Web services demand high performance, security and extensibility. SOAP, being based on Extensible Markup Language (XML), inherits not only the advantages of XML, but its relatively poor performance. This makes SOAP a poor choice for many high-performance web services. In this paper, we analyze the client side processing of a SOAP request and investigate the stages of this processing, where SOAP lags behind its peers in speed. We concentrate on the more popular RPC-style implementation of SOAP rather than the message-style. We then present an optimized design utilizing a caching mechanism at the client side for SOAP messages. We also describe our implementation based on the Apache Java SOAP client, which gives dramatically better performance (800%) over the original code.

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