Different Key Establishment for Secure End-to-End Communications in Ad-Hoc Networks

H. Shim, H. Han, and S.-K. Lee (Korea)


ad-hoc network, group key, end-to-end, trust-level


The existing group key establishment protocols can not support end-to-end security in the group, and execute the whole re-keying when lost. Moreover, sharing one same key with all members is unfit to ad hoc networks. For overcoming the problems, this paper proposes Diff-key: Different key establishment based on trust-level. The Diff-key distinguishes all members into two types of trust-level: trust member and un-trust member. Only trust members can establish a group key, and the others make use of a session key through mutual authentication. Therefore, the Diff-key can achieve end-to-end security services and execute partial re-keying when a key is stolen.

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