Evaluation of Image Routing Algorithm on P2P Overlay Networks

Y. Kawai and R. Kadobayashi (Japan)


Peer-to-Peer, Routing Algorithm, Simulation, Image Search


An efficient search for image data from a number of nodes on the Internet requires low management and network traf fic generated by forwarding over different nodes of key im age for the query. We propose a key-image routing algo rithm that can forward a key image only to the appropriate nodes for each user. The nodes are selected with a dynamic retrieval tree based on the users' behavior and network con ditions. We describe how a key image is forwarded with the routing algorithm and evaluate the algorithm's effec tiveness in a simulation. The network traffic was simulated for a variety of dynamic parameters that included network delay, matching rate for images, and the access and down loading rates for the user. The results showed that the net work traffic of our algorithm was lower than those of two other key-image routing algorithms.

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