Localization of Cyclostationary Coherent Sources in the Presence of Both Multiplicative Noise and Additive Noise

H. Jiang and S. Wang (PRC)


Digital signal processing, Localization, Multiplicativenoise, Coherence


In this paper, we consider the problem of localizing cyclostationary sources when the sources are coherent and the received signal is corrupted by both multiplicative noise and additive noise. In actual wireless communication systems, complex noise case and multipath propagation are often encountered. Considering these and exploiting the signal's cyclostationarity, we propose a direction finding algorithm based on third-order cyclic moment to detect non-Gaussian cyclostationary sources in the presence of both multiplicative noise and additive noise. Also, coherent sources case caused by multipath is discussed. The method is given to resolve coherent and incoherent signals. The simulation results under different noise distributions and different coherent sources situations indicate that the proposed method can effectively suppress additive and nonzero multiplicative stationary noise with any distribution, no matter the noises are Gaussian and non-Gaussian, white or colored, and the signals are coherent or incoherent .

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