Nonparametric Rank Detectors Versus Parametric Detectors under K-Distributed Clutter in Radar Applications

J.L. Sanz-González and F. Álvarez-Vaquero (Spain)


Radar detection, K-distributed clutter, Rayleigh clutter,parametric detectors, nonparametric detectors, rankdetectors, CFAR detectors.


This paper deals with a comparative analysis of a rank detector versus a parametric detector, under K-distributed clutter and nonfluctuating and Swerling II target models. The performance analysis of the parametric log detector and the nonparametric (linear rank) detector is carried out for independent and identically distributed (IID) clutter samples and correlated clutter samples. Some results of Monte Carlo simulations for detection probability (Pd) versus signal-to-clutter ratio (SCR) are presented in curves for different detector parameter values. Also, a detailed discussion of the simulation results is provided and some conclusions are summarized at the end of the paper.

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