Performance Analysis of Suboptimum Detectors under K-Distributed Clutter in Radar Applications

J.L. Sanz-González and F. Álvarez-Vaquero (Spain)


Radar detection, K-distributed clutter, Rayleigh clutter,false alarms, detection probability, Neyman-Pearsondetectors, asymptotically optimum detectors.


The first part of this paper is concerned with the detector optimization theory under K-distributed clutter. The structure of the asymptotically optimum detector (optimum for high signal-to-clutter ratio) is the practical one for radar applications. The performance analysis of four detectors: linear, quadratic, logarithmic and clipping are carried out by Monte Carlo simulations. Curves of detection probability (Pd) versus signal-to-clutter ratio (SCR) are presented for different detector parameter values. The detector parameters are the false alarm probability (Pfa), the number of integrated pulses (N), and the shape parameter () of the K-distributed clutter. Also, a detailed discussion of the simulation results is realized and some conclusions are summarized at the end of the paper.

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