An Analysis of Mobility Model in Cellular Communication System using Gaussian Probability Density Function for Handover Direction

S. Phokeewanichkul, K. Chamnanya, and B. Homnan (Thailand)


Handover, Mobility Model, Mobile CommunicationSystems.


In this paper, the handover direction based on Gaussian probability density function (Gaussian pdf) is applied for analyzing the mathematical mobility model in cellular communication systems. Since an updated handover direction is related to the speed's range of a mobile station (MS); therefore, the Gaussian pdf should be more suitable for using as the direction pdf at cell boundary than the uniform pdf and the cosine pdf proposed in previous works. That is, the mean of Gaussian pdf is used as the reference line of the old direction of MS and the standard deviation is used for the updated handover direction. The analyzed results show that Gaussian pdf gives different characteristics of the system performance (blocking probability, handover ratio) compared with the previously proposed pdfs. Moreover, the proposed mobility model can be applied to various environments because the standard deviation of the updated handover direction can be adjusted accordingly to considered environment.

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