Robust Control of a MIMO Thermal-Hydraulic Process with Sensor Compensation

V. López-Morales and R. Valdés-Asiain (Mexico)


process modeling, Brunovsky canonical transformation, sensor compensation


The main goal of this paper is twofold: To show a kind of robustness in a nonlinear multivariable (NL MIMO) system feedback control, by employing some well known linearization and observation techniques with a like model-reference; and a proposal to immunize the measurements of a level capacitance-based sensor when there are changes in the measured variables properties, by employing of a on-line compensation. The MIMO thermal-hydraulic nonlinear system is stabilized when some linearizing conditions are met and a design methodology for using a state feedback scheme is shown. In order to assign poles to the control system, the Jacobian linearization is transformed to the controllable canonical form. This is accomplished by the Brunovsky similarity transformation, and a statical state feedback. A Luenberger observer is added to the control system in order to improve its stability. Illustration of these techniques are shown via numerical and practical simulations carried out directly on the inexpensive physical process.

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