A VLSI Self-compacting Buffer for Priority Queue Scheduling

S.B. Tatapudi and J.G. Delgado-Frias (USA)


Self-compacting buffer, dynamically allocatedmulti-queue, rotating priority queue, networks.


This paper describes a novel VLSI CMOS implementation of a self-compacting buffer (SCB) for the dynamically allocated multi-queue (DAMQ) switch architecture. The SCB dynamically allocates data regions within the output buffer for different priority values of the data. The proposed implementation provides high performance solution to buffered communication switches that are required to interconnect networks. This performance comes from the implementation of the DAMQ, pipelining and novel circuitry. The major components of SCB are described in detail in this paper. The system has the capability of performing a read, a write or a simultaneous read/write operation per cycle.

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