A Kronecker DFT Multi-beamforming Implementation Approach

A. Quinchanegua and D. Rodríguez (Puerto Rico)


Signal Algebra, Kronecker Products, Multi-Beamforming.


This work presents a new methodology for the hardware implementation of multi-beamforming algorithms based on Kronecker products compositions. This new methodology is based on a signal algebra operator theoretic approach for the mathematical formulation of signal processing algorithms and efficient systematic procedures for mapping these algorithms to target hardware computing structures through iconic and functional programming techniques, and automatic core generation efforts. Kronecker products algebra is used in this work as a tool language to identify in an integrated and coherent manner similarities and differences between fast Fourier transform (FFT) algorithm formulations in order to effect efficient hardware core implementations. The new methodology presented in this work was successfully utilized for the generation of signal processing cores for DSP and FPGA hardware units.

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