Simple and Fast Fractal Image Compression

A. Martínez R, A. Díaz S., M. Linares A., and J. Vega P. (Mexico)


Fractal image compression, multiresolution, pyramidal decomposition.


Fractal image coding is performed by several methods focused on the reduction of the number of comparisons between pixels. Some methods use block classification to reduce the number of comparisons. This work introduces a simple and fast method of fractal image compression for applications in mobile communications, using a quad-tree scheme on multiple levels of image resolution and taking advantage of the multiresolution decomposition. The method uses a simple scheme of blocks classification into each resolution level on a pyramidal decomposition according to size and the intensity variation level of every block. The simplicity and regularity of the method make it suitable to be implemented on programmable logic devices, such as FPGAs, or in custom VLSI integrated circuits. Most important is that the method can be implemented in parallel, saving up to three orders in the number of operations to codify the image, reducing the asymmetry between the coding time and the decoding time.

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