Image Watermarking Algorithm and System Architecture for Semi-Fingerprinting

H.H. Lee, J.S. Lee, J.W. Kim, and N.-Y. Lee (Korea)


Fingerprint, Watermark, Multimedia Security, Steganography


In this paper we introduce a new image watermarking algorithm based on modified spread spectrum methods to improve data payload and the associated system architecture for semi-fingerprinting. The proposed watermarking method increases data payload using the random number shift (RNS). A mount of embedding data is 60bits of real data and 20bits of Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) to improve the accuracy. For semi fingerprinting, we applied data structure proposed by Contents IDentity Forum (cIDf) in Japan. The result from various simulations shows that the proposed method is robust to not only compression, geometric attacks, but also average and mosaic attacks. To demonstrate the robustness to various attacks, this paper shows experimental results in detail.

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