Modeling of Current and Voltage Conveyors by Flow Graph Technique

D. Biolek, J. Cajka, and V. Biolkov√° (Czech Republic)


: voltage conveyor, current conveyor, generalized conveyor, flow graphs, Mason-Coates flow graph.


The so-called n-port generalized conveyor (GC) is presented. This conveyor models a number of various active devices, depending on the choice of the number of its corresponding ports, on the type of circuit equations, and on the values of conveyance coefficients. Equations of two possible types describe so-called generalized current or voltage conveyor (GCC, GVC) as a generalization of the familiar CCI, CCII, CDBA, DVCC and other active elements. Modified Mason-Coates (M-C) flow graphs for fast analysis of circuits containing these elements are proposed. Some advantages of this approach are shown on illustrative examples.

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