Experimental Evaluation of a Mixed H2/H∞-based PID using Genetic Algorithms

R. Lagunas, C. Fernández-Anaya, and J.C. Martínez-García (Mexico)


Disturbance Rejection constraint, Genetic algorithms,PID controller, Saturation constraint.


This paper concerns the experimental evaluation of a PID mixed H2/H control methodology with con strains based on the application of genetic algorithms. The considered plant is an experimental DC servosys tem affected by disturbances acting on its output with a saturation constraint in the signal control, and the performance objective corresponds to the control of the load angular position. We improved the strategies of control for the problem of minimizing the integral of the time weighted squared error subject to the dis turbance rejection constraint presented in [1] and [2] adding one more a restriction, and comparing with an experimental evaluation of a PID mixed H2/H.

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