Continuous-time Adaptive Control of MIMO Nonlinear Process using Delta Model Parameter Estimation

P. Dostál, V. Bobál, F. Gazdoš (Czech Republic)


Nonlinear Process, Adaptive Control, External LinearModel, Delta Model, Parameter Estimation


The paper deals with continous-time adaptive control of multi input-multi output nonlinear processes. A nonlinear model of the process is approximated by a continuous time external linear model. The parameters of the CT external linear model are recursively estimated using an external delta model with the same structure as a CT model. The 2DOF control system configuration is considered. The controller design is based on operations in the ring of polynomial matrices. The resulting controller ensures stability of the control system as well as asymptotic tracking of step references and step load disturbances attenuation. The adaptive control is tested on the two input-two output nonlinear system represented by a model of two spheric liquid tanks in series.

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