Delta Self-tuning Control of MIMO Systems: Comparison 1DOF and 2DOF Configurations

V. Bobál, P. Navrátil, P. Dostál, and M. Sysel (Czech Republic)


MIMO system, delta model, self-tuning control, polynomial method, pole placement


This paper presents the design of a self-tuning contro8ller for two input two output (TITO) system using delta models. Both 1DOF (one-degree freedom) and 2DOF (two-degree freedom) configurations were chosen for control-loop synthesis. For the identification part of the designed controllers the recursive least squares method using delta model was applied. The synthesis is based on polynomial approach using pole placement. These controllers have been verified in real time control of a non-linear laboratory model CE108 - coupled drives apparatus. Both configurations of control-loops were compared in real time conditions. The advantage of utilization of the delta model for the recursive identification and control synthesis consists in fact that there was not a problem with choice of the sampling period of partial control-loops.

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