JATLog: A New Framework for Distributed Prolog Computation

T. Kristensen and A. Sahajpal (Norway)


Prolog, K-Prolog, KQML, Software agents, Multi-agent systems, DCG, JATLite


This paper presents a new framework for distributed Prolog computation based on Multi-agent approach. The require ment of distributed Prolog computation can arise in a Multi-agent system based on Prolog. JATLog lets a Prolog program be distributed on different hosts, each running its own copy of JATLog, such that each host deals with a unique set of Prolog predicates. Such a distribution increases modularity and enables Prolog-based agents to work together to prove goals, in a transparent fashion. JATLog's architecture is composite and is based on software integration of a Java Agent Template with a par ticular implementation of Prolog. The paper demonstrates JATLog's use in the context of a Multi-agent dialogue sys tem used for parsing of simple English sentences.

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