Chaotic Phenomena Governing Coupled Swing Dynamics in Electric Power Systems

Y. Uyaroğlu, M.A. Yalçin, and Z. Demir (Turkey)


Swing Dynamics, Power System, Chaos


Numerical simulations are used to study coupled swing equations modeling the dynamics of two electric generators connected to an infinite bus by a transmission lines. In particular, the effect of varying parameters corresponding to input power supplied to each generator is studied. In addition to stable steady operating conditions, which should correspond to synchronized, normal operation, the coupled swing model has other stable states of large-amplitude oscillations that, if realized, would represent nonsynchronized motions:The phase space boundary separating their basins of attraction is fractal, corresponding to chaotic transient motions. These fractal structures in phase space and the associated fractal structures in parameter space will be of primary concern to engineers in predicting system behavior.

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